The Florida Catholic Conference - Accreditation Overview

St. Paul Catholic School is accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference (FCC). The FCC has a special program that focuses on the reaccreditation of Florida Catholic schools. One might think that being accredited simply means meeting the standards of the accrediting agency. While this is true, there is much more to accreditation than meeting standards. Going through the process of reaccreditation is an extremely valuable experience for a school. The process offers administrators, teachers, staff, students, parents, and community members the opportunity to be involved in school improvement, through the creation of a new School Improvement Plan. The plan has six areas and takes approximately 18 months to complete.

The reaccreditation process has two parts: Meeting the standards of the FCC and creating a new School Improvement Plan. (There are currently 90 educational standards.) A Visitation Team from the Florida Catholic Conference toured our school in the fall of 2012. An Executive Summary of their findings may be read here.

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Festival is coming...

Family, Friends, and Fun in Faith
St. Paul's Festival
1900 12th St. North, St. Petersburg
March 12-15, 2015
$800 kayak set to be the prize for Saturday bingo!

Tickets are now on sale:

Wristbands for all rides are available for $80 and are good for the entire 4-day event.  Or, you can purchase pre-sale sheets, which include 24 tickets and a bonus ticket for $15.  At the Festival, this sheet includes 14 tickets and no bonus ticket, so be sure to buy your tickets early!

To purchase wristbands or tickets, visit our parish office at 1900 12th Street North, St. Petersburg.

Click here for more information.

We'll see you at the Festival!

EC4 Community Helpers!

photo 4

EC4 has been working all month to learn about community helpers.  They have learned about who they are and how they do their job.  They have learned about the tools they need to do their jobs well.  Friday February 20, the students dressed up as a community helper and shared their "job" with 3rd grade.  An added bonus was that the 4 year olds learned confidence too!!

photo 2photo 5 3

8th Grade Math & Science Competition

Four of our 8th grade students competed today in St. Petersburg Catholic High School's 8th grade Math & Science Competition.  We won 1st place!  Our team consisted of Victoria Zamitalo, Amy Pham, Dominika Dzurny, and Caitlyn Rineer.  Also pictured with the team are former St. Paul students, Thaila Schug (currently a junior) and Audrey Trace (currently a senior).

science competition

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